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Visiting Xiamen? Here's Your Go-To Guide for Food

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Xiamen sits in southern China in the Fujian province directly on the coast across from Taiwan. While not a large city by Chinese standards, it has become a recent hot spot for business travel thanks to the various mechanical companies that have made their headquarters at the former port city. The city is today known for it's mild climate, friendly people, colonial architecture and of course their amazing food, particularly seafood. Popular tourist attractions include Nanputuo Temple, Zhongshan Walking Street, and the Botanical Garden. Here is go to restaurant guide for visiting Xiamen around these hot spots.

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Nanputuo Temple 南普陀寺​

Best Local Xiamen Restaurant

Old Xiamen Specialty Cuisine - Nainai 老特色菜 · 奶奶

Spoonhunt ID: 2794838

Address: 10 Ding Ao Zai #3, Next to Xiada Xicun Post Office

Price Per Person: 87 RMB

This award winning restaurant stays true to its name by serving classic Xiamen specialty dishes that even CCTV praises as the best in the city. It is in a prime location and as expected gets crazy busy around noon. Considering the place is relatively small it's best to go on an off peak time. But nevertheless you will be served up the freshest shrimp and seafood you can find, plus a custom noodle line where you can make your own bowl and pick your own ingredients.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Burning Bird Izakaya 烧鸟居酒屋

Spoonhunt ID: 1389710

Address: 211 Daxue Lu, #13-14, Siming District

Price Per Person: 84 RMB

Izakaya is the fun and social concept of Japanese Gastropubs. Their specialty, aside from cold sake and Japanese beers, is Japanese skewers roasted on a barbecue. Burning Bird, right down the street from Xiamen University and close to the temple, can get pretty crowded to it's best to call ahead or get there early to reserve your spot.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Pickled Fish Hot Pot 浪石酸菜鱼火锅​

Spoonhunt ID: 8325031

Address: 177 Daxue Lu, Hengda Building #102 First Floor

Price Per Person: 89 RMB

Just like your typical Chongqing hot pot, this restaurant specializes in split hot pot with two broths. However, instead of making sliced beef their signature ingredient, in true Xiamen style, they heavily feature seafood. Fish balls, sliced pickled fish and shrimp slide are must gets at Pickled Fish Hot Pot.

Best Western Restaurant

Bravo Burger 百万万汉堡店​

Spoonhunt ID: 8324955

Address: 129 Daxue Lu #2, Across from Jianfu Convenience Store in the Alley

Price Per Person: 51 RMB

Tucked away in a little alley is this fantastic burger shop that makes creative and authentic American style hamburgers. You can go for the classic cheeseburger or get funky with their specialties like Hawaii or Pesto Burgers. They even have pulled pork burgers and potato wedges for sides.

Best Milk Tea/Dessert Place


Spoonhunt ID: 1389675

Address: Floor 2, 4 Yan Wu Lu, Siming Qu

Price Per Person: 18 RMB

KOI Thé is a popular Southeast Asian Milk Tea chain shop that serves up some of the best Taiwanese boba in Xiamen. While the place itself doesn't have much seating, this is the perfect spot for an on-the-go tea boost. They use pretty fresh fruit in their smoothies and milk tea.

Best Cafe

Muxi Cafe & Steak 木西西式料理

Spoonhunt ID: 1389766

Address: Xiamen University Apartment Entrance (2nd Floor)

Price Per Person: 53 RMB

Muxi isn't just a cafe, but their environment and coffee are so good you can absolutely bring a book and just relax. They also have high quality Western food that is beautifully presented. But if you're just looking for coffee and classic decor, look no further than Muxi Cafe.

Zhongshan Walking Street 中山路步行街

Best Local Xiamen Restaurant

Qing Family Flavor - Old Xiamen Restaurant 青菜家 · 老厦门菜馆

Spoonhunt ID: 1389420

Address: Floor 2, 51 Si Ming Xi Lu, ZhongShan Lu Area

Price Per Person: 48 RMB

For this Xiamen restaurant, you best bring your appetite. This retro decorated restaurant serves only the classic Fujian dishes like Bucket Tofu, Xiamen Fried Meat, and Prawns. The waiters and waitresses are friendly and you should absolutely get the blueberry jam cake dessert to finish your meal, if you still have room that is.

Best Western Restaurant

The House 老别墅西餐馆

Spoonhunt ID: 2791566

Address: 10-1 White Crane Road, Siming District

Price Per Person: 145 RMB

The House is a classic European restaurant and is even decorated to match the cuisine. The tiled floors and tables are complimented by their gourmet pizzas, lamb chops and pastas. Go at night to experience sitting out under the strung up lights when the weather is nice.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Niu Tailang Buffet BBQ 牛太郎自助烤肉

Spoonhunt ID: 1390053

Address: 118 Siming Nan Lu, Tiger City

Price Per Person: 63 RMB

A fun alternative to hot pot can be found at Niu Tailang Buffet BBQ. Just like hot pot, you get to pick out your own ingredients: vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. The different is that instead of a pot of boiling broths, you get a charcoal or gas grill in the middle of your table to place your ingredients and roast them. It's fun for medium to large groups.

Best Dim Sum/Cantonese Restaurant

Lujiang Harbourview Hotel Restaurant 鹭江宾馆观海厅​

Spoonhunt ID: 1389392

Address: 54 Lujiang Road Lujiang Hotel 7th floor

Price Per Person: 103 RMB

Located right on the water, the Lujiang Harbourview Hotel has a Dim Sum restaurant located on the 7th floor overlooking the ocean to Gulangyu island. Since it's in a hotel, the restaurant is a little bit more pricey than most restaurants in the city, but it is worth it. High class chefs prepare small dim sum dishes you can pick and try until you're full. While all their food is delicious, since you're in Xiamen you have to try the fresh shrimp Har Gow.

Best Cafe

Central Perk Cafe 老友记咖啡馆

Spoonhunt ID: 1389435

Address: 254 Lujiang Road, International Trade Apartment Building 1st Floor

Price Per Person: 45 RMB

FRIENDS fans out there should absolutely not miss the opportunity to enjoy a coffee at this Friends themed cafe appropriately named "Central Perk Cafe." Those familiar with the show will recognize the logo, red couch and tables meticulously placed around the cafe. Enjoy a coffee and pretend to be your favorite Friends character (mine's Joey).

Best Southeast Asian Restaurant

I Love PHO PHO越南河粉

Spoonhunt ID: 2793296

Address: 57 Xiaxi Road, Near Zhongshan Walking Street

Price Per Person: 39 RMB

If you love Vietnamese food, you will love I Love PHO. The price is extremely reasonable and there are many different types of pho you can get: chicken (ga), beef or pork. Make sure to add some Siracha or house pepper sauce to spice up the relatively clear broth.

Best of the Rest in Xiamen

Best Local Xiamen Restaurant

Lin Jia Minnan Flavor 临家闽南菜

Spoonhunt ID: 1389452

Address: 308 Huandao Nan Road, Siming District

Price Per Person: 108 RMB

One of the most famous local restaurants in Xiamen is Lin Jia Minnan Flavor. While you will likely have to wait a little while to be seated, it's totally worth it. You can get fancy Fujian speciality dishes like Buddha Jumps Over Wall, Ginger Duck, and Fragrant Fried Chicken.

Best Fusion/Modern Restaurant

Yanyu Restaurant 宴遇

Spoonhunt ID: 1389393

Address: Room 5001, Floor 5, 189 Si Ming Nan Lu, Siming Qu

Price Per Person: 118 RMB

With a few locations around the city, Yanyu is Xiamen's premier Western and Chinese fusion restaurant. It's clean and modern decor give you an idea of how clean and modern their food will be. It's food is a creative combination of classic Chinese dishes with some new age concept sides like a fruit tree, buns shaped like animals and duck burritos.

Best Western Restaurant


Spoonhunt ID: 4399333

Address: 106 Daxue Rd, Siming District

Price Per Person: 86 RMB

Missing food from home? Go to 4 People in Siming District near Xiamen University. They serve everything from pies and burritos to roast chicken and salad. A local favorite is the honey roasted chicken wings and steak.

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