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Visiting Xi’An? Here’s Your Go-To Food Guide

Going to see the Terra Cotta Solider Army? Be sure to check out the best restaurants in Xi'An with this handy guide. Use Spoonhunt to see their English menus.

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Xi’An is the capital of the Shaanxi province and means “Western Peace.” The center of Xi’An is surrounded by a city wall that was built in the early Ming Dynasty. Famous for its sites like the Terracotta Army, the Bell and Drum Towers, the City Wall, and Emperor Qin’s Unopened Tomb. This ancient city is full of interest culture and artifacts!

No matter where you go exploring in Xi’An, or China for that matter, Spoonhunt has great dining options for you to check out nearby. Here are some of our favorites near the hot spots in Xi’An. Don't forget to check out our Top 10 Must Eat Foods When Visiting Xi'An.

To find the English menus for any of these restaurants in Xi'An, search the Spoonhunt Shop ID in the Spoonhunt APP!

Terracotta Army 秦始皇兵马俑博物馆

Best Restaurant In the Museum

Terracotta Army Friendship Restaurant 秦始皇兵马俑博物院友谊餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 8325008

Address: Terracotta Army Museum Zonghe Building 2nd Floor 临潼区 兵马俑博物馆内综合楼二楼

Price Per Person: 40 RMB

If you’re hungry while walking around the sites, looking at the vast and impressive Terracotta Army, be sure to stop at the Friendship Restaurant located inside the museum. The restaurant is a buffet serving all kinds of classic Chinese dishes like egg rolls, Chinese hamburgers and Pulled Noodles.

Best Chinese Fast Food Restaurant

Wei Family Liangpi 魏家凉皮

Spoonhunt ID: 1407403​

Address: North Qinling Road, Northeast corner of the Terracotta Army Parking Lot 临潼区 秦岭北路兵马俑停车场东北角(下车即到)

Price Per Person: 16 RMB

This Chinese chain “fast food” restaurant is not to be underestimated. Unlike Western fast food places like KFC and McDonald’s, Chinese fast food is still good quality food. Conveniently located just outside of the Museum, Wei Family Liangpi is a great place to grab a quick noodle dish.

Best Local Chinese Restaurant

Old Tongguan Chinese Hamburgers 老潼关肉夹馍

Spoonhunt ID: 8325009

Address: Linlan Road and East Qiantou Road Intersection North Side 临潼区 临蓝路东桥头十字路北(物美超市斜对面)

Price Per Person: 15 RMB

Located just up the street from the Terracotta Army Museum, this small restaurant serves real, authentic Shaanxi Chinese Hamburgers. While the food is inexpensive, the flavor is high quality and well received among locals. Grab a few for the road and you won’t regret it.

Bell Tower/Drum Tower 钟楼/鼓楼

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Muslim Sanshaoye Hot Pot Barbecue 清真叁少野涮锅烧烤

Spoonhunt ID: 1405514​

Address: Dongxin Street and Shangjian Road Intersection, Southern Side, 40 Meters East 东新街与尚路十字向南40米路东

Price Per Person: 80 RMB

Unlike the spicy Chongqing hot pot, this restaurant features the Mongolian hot pot style with a clear broth and thin lamb slices. Just a few minute walk north east from the bell tower, this hot pot spot is immensely popular among locals and tourists alike for their ingredient quality and low prices.

Best Local Shaanxi Restaurant

Guanzhong Memory Theme Restaurant 关中记忆主题餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 8325010​

Address: Xihua Men Crossroads, 100 meters east 新城区 西华门十字往东100米路南(省政府西门斜对面)

Price Per Person: 49 RMB

Featuring some of the best food Xi’An has to offer, this restaurant is known for its Pork Kuanfen, Shaanxi Fried Cake, and many more local delicacies, this place shouldn’t be missed. Open later than other restaurants in Xi’An center, and is a great place for dinner or late-night food.

Best Cafe

Be life, Believe (A Plan) 斑斓生活

Spoonhunt ID: 8325011​

Address: 2 Wuhua Miao Gate, Beilin District 碑林区 五岳庙门2号

Price Per Person: 30 RMB

This spacious, modern cafe right inside the southwestern part of the city wall is hidden away from the main streets, making it the perfect place for some quiet coffee time. The theme of the cafe is art and literature, so you’ll feel right at home with a book in your hand there.

Best Western Restaurant

Papaya Italy Restaurant 帕帕亚意大利餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 564787​

Address: 89 Nanguan Zheng Street, Chengdu Bank 3rd Floor 碑林区 南关正街89号成都银行3楼(与上岛咖啡同层

Price Per Person: 118 RMB

Located just outside of the southern city gate, this upscale Italian restaurant features a full selection of wines, old Italian decor, and steak, seafood and pasta plates that will make your taste buds water. You’ll feel like you were teleported back to Europe.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Teshima Sushi 手岛寿司

Spoonhunt ID: 1401467​

Address: East side of Luoma Market, Taihe Plaza Southern Building 碑林区 骡马市东侧中柳巷太和广场南楼(钟楼砂锅对面)

Price Per Person: 55 RMB

Just a short walk from the Bell Tower, Teshima Sushi is a small place that packs a big punch and is hugely popular among the locals. Their sushi is expertly and beautifully prepared by their experienced chefs at their sushi bar.

Best Bar

Near Wall Bar 泥窝窝

Spoonhunt ID: 1401855​

Address: Shuncheng South Rd (West Section), ErHuan Lu YanXian ShangYe JingJiDai, Beilin District 二环路沿线商业经济带顺城南路西段(湘子门青年旅社)

Price Per Person: 70 RMB

This sit down bar has live music, comfy couches, quality drinks and a great location. Just inside the southern gate of the city wall, this darkly lit spot has both a chill and fun vibe. Come, have a few drinks, listen to music and play some dice games.

Best Cantonese/Dim Sum Restaurant

DaJiaHao WeiGe Hong Kong Cuisine Restaurant 大家好威哥香港美食大酒楼(威哥美食大气锅)

Spoonhunt ID: 4017010​

Address: 1 South Guangqi Street, Inside Vermillion Bird Entrance 碑林区 南广济街1号朱雀门里(原万紫千红酒店)

Price Per Person: 77 RMB

If you’re searching for Dim Sum in Xi’An, look no further. DaJiaHao is your best spot for delicious dim sum bites like char siu, beef chow fun, pork buns and egg tarts. Go with a group so you can order a variety of dishes in bamboo steamers.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

King Mo Mo 宽炉烤肉

Spoonhunt ID: 8325012​

Address: 96 Sifu Street West 莲湖区 四府街96号路西(大自在火锅向南80米)

Price Per Person: 98 RMB

The dry version of hot pot is stove top barbecue. King Mo Mo has a charcoal grill in the middle of every table so you can cook your own meat and vegetables to your liking.

Best Sichuan Restaurant

Mala Small Three Quality Dry Pot 麻辣小叁精品干锅​

Spoonhunt ID: 1401631

Address: Inside Vermillion Bird Gate, 20 meters in Shuncheng Alley 碑林区 朱雀门里上岛咖啡旁边西顺城巷内20米第一户三楼

Price Per Person: 79 RMB

With Bob Marley, dozens of records and a collage of polaroids on the wall, you would never guess this place is a Sichuan restaurant. But Mala Small Three is consistently given high marks by locals for their delicious bullfrog dishes in a stone pot.

Best Muslim Restaurant

Er Nai Si Big Plate Chicken 尔奈斯大盘鸡

Spoonhunt ID: 2882568​

Address: 96 Mai Xian Street, Near Hong Bu Street 莲湖区 麦苋街96号与红埠街十字西南角

Price Per Person: 35 RMB

Using one of the most famous Muslim Chinese dishes as it’s brand name, Er Nai Si Big Plate Chicken is tucked away just north of the Drum Tower on a side street. This secret gem is great for locals and foreigners alike, especially ones who like a little spice and a lot of flavor.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda 大雁塔

Best Western Restaurant

Raindrops Cafe 雨花2.0西餐酒吧​

Spoonhunt ID: 8325013​

Address: Southeast Corner of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Plaza 雁塔区 大雁塔南广场东南角(唐久便利店隔壁)

Price Per Person: 94 RMB

Southeast of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda sits the Raindrops Cafe. With everything from pizza and pasta to soup, steak and coffee, this rainforest themed restaurant is a great place to take a break from site-seeing to enjoy food from home.

Best Local Shaanxi Restaurant

Big Kitchen Small Restaurant 大厨小馆

Spoonhunt ID: 2869574​

Address: Houcun West Road and Leyou Street Intersection, 1st Floor 雁塔区 后村西路与乐游路交汇处百家店一层(乐游路口)

Price Per Person: 48 RMB

A block north of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda square is your best spot to grab some of the local delicacies of the Shaanxi province. While they have a few locations all over the city, this location is highly raved about and its menu has local dishes that are both spicy and savory.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Da Miao Hot Pot 大妙火锅

Spoonhunt ID: 1402146​

Address: South Yanta Road, North side of Xinle Hui People’s Market 雁塔区 雁塔南路新乐汇民生百货北面

Price Per Person: 123 RMB

Only a short walk from the Pagoda, this hot pot restaurant is special for its square pot that can be divided into four sections for different brothers and ingredients. This is perfect for groups who like and dislike chili. Stop in and start dipping.

Best Sichuan Restaurant

Jin Taste Fashion Chinese Restaurant 锦味儿时尚中国餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 8325014

Address: Tang Paradise West Gate (Chang’an Bank) 雁塔区 大唐芙蓉园西门(长安银行)

Price Per Person: 56

With spicy Sichuan classics like Two Pepper Chicken with Noodles, Mapo Tofu, and Kungpao Chicken, this restaurant puts itself on top of our list. Besides Sichuan cuisine they also have some other options like pizza, sausages and desserts.

Best Cafe

Zoo Coffee

Spoonhunt ID: 1402304​

Address: 9 Yannan 1st Road, Mandi Plaza 2nd Floor 雁塔区 雁南一路9号曼蒂广场2F(近中信银行)

Price Per Person: 49 RMB

This popular cafe chain all over China is a great coffee option when you’re visiting the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Adorned with stuffed animals and a special jungle theme, this cafe is a fun place to grab some snacks, like waffles, amongst “nature.”

Best Bar

Blue Lotus Bar 蓝莲花酒吧

Spoonhunt ID: 1402655​

Address: South of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Plaza, Xinle Hui A2–2 雁塔区 大雁塔南广场大唐不夜城新乐汇酒吧街A2–2号

Price Per Person: 72 RMB

With colorful lighting, live music and plenty of places to sit, Blue Lotus Bar is a great late night hangout spot near the Wild Goose Pagoda. Their fully stocked bar and prime location make them a fun party spot to let loose your wild side.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant 天龙宝严素食馆

Spoonhunt ID: 1402315​

Address: 1 Ci En Xi Road (Near Cuihua Road) 雁塔区 慈恩西路1号(近翠华路)

Price Per Person: 66 RMB

Situated on the west side of the Pagoda square, Tianlong Baoyan is a great spot for vegetarians and vegetable lovers to enjoy a high quality meal. Their creative dishes imitate meat flavors while only using vegetable products. Who would have thought Braised Pork Belly didn’t need pork?

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