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Visiting Guilin? Here's Your Go-To Guide for Food

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Guilin has recently become one of China's most popular tourist destinations thanks to its beautiful topography. The literal translation of Guilin means "the Forest of Sweet Osmanthus" because of the rollings hills of fragrant osmanthus trees that are easily grown in southern China. Just outside the city are fantasy-like mountains and water scenes that are said to be the best under heaven. Here are the best restaurants in Guilin to check out while you're traveling around seeing the beautiful sites.

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Guilin City Center Square 桂林中心广场

Best Local Guilin Restaurant

Xiaonanguo 小南国

Spoonhunt ID: 1758389

Address: 3 Wenming Road

Price Per Person: 58 RMB

If you're looking to try all the local Guilin delicacies at one place, go to Xiaonanguo on Wenming Road. This restaurant is highly rated by local Guilin people, so you know it's delicious and authentic. It's a classic, large-hall Chinese restaurant with attentive wait staff and lots of customers so be prepared to wait for a table. Worth it.

Best Guilin Rice Noodle Restaurant

Luanle Rice Noodles 乱了粉库桂林米粉

Spoonhunt ID: 1758387

Address: 122 Zhengyang Lu

Price Per Person: 45 RMB

The number one food you must try while visiting Guilin is Rice Noodles. Luanle Rice Noodles is one of the most popular places for authentic Rice Noodles near the city center square. The restaurant's decor is a mix between modern and traditional. You can pick your own ingredients to add into the noodles too!

Best Cantonese Restaurant

Chun Ji Roast Goose 椿记烧鹅

Spoonhunt ID: 1758384

Address: 2 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Hotel, Xiangshan District

Price Per Person: 64 RMB

One of the most revered restaurants in Guilin is Chun Ji Roast Goose. Similar to Beijing duck, Cantonese goose is roasted in a charcoal oven until the skin is crispy and golden. The meat is tender and juicy, and a whole goose will serve about four people. The wait staff are top notch and will help you out as best they can, but it gets pretty crowded around peak dining hours so go early.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Man Xiang Yi Hot Pot 满香宜猪肚鸡

Spoonhunt ID: 1758398

Address: Floor 1, 22 Yi Ren Lu

Price Per Person: 67 RMB

This interesting and popular Guilin restaurant sports a unique take on hot pot. Their broth contains pork belly and chicken to help flavor the stock where you can cook things like chicken, beef balls, vegetables, etc. To supplement your hot pot you can pick from a bunch of sides like pigs feet and fried rice.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Beijing Han Li Xuan Barbecue Buffet 北京汉丽轩自助烧烤

Spoonhunt ID: 1758411

Address: Dongjiang Lu and Ziyou Lu Intersection, Near Dongjiang Market

Price Per Person: 40 RMB

Just like a hot pot restaurant, Beijing Han Li Xuan Barbecue Buffet is all about cooking your own food. But instead of a boiling pot of broth, you get a circular grill in the middle of your table to cook the ingredients you pick out. The experience and taste is up to you. The restaurant provides the fresh ingredients and you have to decide how long to cook them.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Chrysanthemum Cherry Japanese Cuisine 菊樱精致料理

Spoonhunt ID: 1760011

Address: 11 Bingjiang Road (Vienna Hotel 1st Floor)

Price Per Person: 108 RMB

With fresh fish available from the Li River, this fancy Japanese restaurant is located in the Vienna Hotel near the city center and serves up a mean Sashimi platter. The restaurant itself has many private rooms where you sit traditional Japanese style on the floor with a little foot-well under the table.

Best Western Restaurant/Cafe

Artist Coffee Hall 阿提斯咖啡厅

Spoonhunt ID: 1758442

Address: Donghua Lu, Wangcheng Normal University 2nd Floor

Price Per Person: 62 RMB

Located on the Wangcheng Normal University campus, while it is frequented by studying students, it is open to anyone! If you need help finding it, just ask the security guard. This small cafe has great coffee to keep you focussed and tons of Western cuisine snacks to satisfy your hunger as you work.

Best Bar

American BBQ Sports Bar & Grill 西雅图未眠酒吧​

Spoonhunt ID: 1758472

Address: 15 Zhengyang Pedestrian Street (Shangshui Street back entrance)

Price Per Person: 65 RMB

Get transplanted back to your home country pub/bar with American BBQ Sports Bar & Grill. They have imported beer, a pool table and dart boards as well as tons of TVs to watch your favorite sporting event.

Yangshuo West Street 阳朔镇西街

Best Local Guilin Cuisine

Master Golden Beer Fish 大师傅金奖啤酒鱼

Spoonhunt ID: 4173142

Address: 1 West Street Entrance, Building 2 Floor 3

Price Per Person: 108 RMB

With multiple locals around the city, this restaurant chain in Guilin serves up on of the city's specialties: Yangshuo Beer Fish. But don't stop there, keep filling up on other Guilin specialties at this restaurant like Stuffed Li River Snails, Li River Shrimp and Pork Loaf. All of the ingredients come fresh and local so you can get the highest quality fresh water fish.

Best Guilin Rice Noodle Restaurant

Nameless MiFen 无名米粉

Spoonhunt ID: 7697875

Address: 56 Kangzhan Road

Price Per Person: 13 RMB

What is there to say about this restaurant other than you should not be concerned by the name and instead trust the quality of the noodles. It's a pretty basic and plain place, as the name suggests, but they can still serve up a mean bowl of Guilin's classic rice noodles.

Best Western Restaurant

Pizza Kitchen 比萨厨房

Spoonhunt ID: 1030211

Address: 82 West Street, Yangshuo

Price Per Person: 60 RMB

While exploring the very popular West Street in Yangshuo, be sure to check out Pizza Kitchen for delicious Italian style pizza. The classic Italian decorations, booths and tiles will teleport you back to Milan for pasta. On sunny days you can sit outside, right on West Street and people watch.

Best Southeast Asian Restaurant

RnG Cafe 山色泰国菜西餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 1030206

Address: 98 West Street, Across from the McDonald's behind the creek

Price Per Person: 68 RMB

RnG Cafe sits right off of West Street and serves up Western Food, Chinese Food and Thai food. They have spicy curry, seafood hot pot and steak to satisfy all of your cuisine needs. Anything you want, you can find something familiar.

Best Cafe

Ming Garden Coffee 明园咖啡

Spoonhunt ID: 1030229

Address: 23 Bingjiang Road, Yangshuo

Price Per Person: 45 RMB

With a sign above their shop that says, "The Best Coffee," they aren't lying. Ming Garden is a classically styles cafe that serves their coffee in fancy, old mugs. Try any of their lattes and they will make the foam in the shape of an animal, like a bunny, owl, bear, elephant, you name it. They are true coffee artists.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Sister Ma's Striped Fish Shop 马姐斑鱼店

Spoonhunt ID: 1030203

Address: In the Alley across from City Government Building

Price Per Person: 67 RMB

In true Guilin fashion, Sister Ma's Striped Fish Shop features Guilin classics as well as a popular hot pot option. Instead of being the typically spicy broth Chongqing hot pot, their hot pot is a non-spicy broth that's main ingredient is fresh Li River fish slices. Don't miss this opportunity to try a really unique hot pot style with fresh from the river ingredients.

Best Bar

The Balcony Bar 小马的天酒吧

Spoonhunt ID: 8325032

Address: 28 Xianqian Street

Price Per Person: 74 RMB

If you happen to be walking along West Street at night, towards the end of the road there is a small bar, the Balcony Bar, that you should stop in. They frequently have live music, great drinks and a fun atmosphere. Appropriately named for the 2nd floor balcony you can sit on and observe people walking up and down West Street, this place is always a good time.

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