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Visiting Chongqing? Here’s Your Go-To Guide for Food

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Chongqing is a bustling Chinese city that is one of the most populous in the country. The city lines both sides of the infamous Yangtze River and was formerly the temporary capital of China during WWII. Like Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin, Chongqing, which was formerly a part of Sichuan province, is now it's own direct-controlled municipality that doesn't operate under a province. All included, all parts of Chongqing account for about 30 million people. With lots of business and popular tourist attractions like the Three Gorges Museum, Porcelain Village and Hongya Cave, there is tons of places to explore the sites as well as local food.

Here are a few restaurants that you can dine in, at some of the most popular places in Chongqing.

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Three Gorges Museum 三峡博物馆

Best Local Chongqing Restaurant

Les Champs Libres 尘香

Spoonhunt ID: 526131

Address: 388 Xinhua Road, Foreign Exchange LG Building, Yuzhong District

Price Per Person: 103 RMB

Located right in the center of the Yuzhong District where most business travelers end up staying (also near the Three Gorges Museum), is Les Champs Libres. Don't let the French name fool you, this restaurant serves authentic, high-quality local Chongqing and Sichuan cuisine for a reasonable price. Try the bullfrog, mapo tofu and Cauliflower dishes for a spicy kick to the taste buds that will give you a great idea of how Chongqing food should taste.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Time Traveler Hot Pot Restaurant 越光宝盒.火锅小咖

Spoonhunt ID: 8325030

Address: Daping Shiyou Lu, Shidai Tian Jie, Building C

Price Per Person: 103 RMB

This restaurant not only has amazing Chongqing hot pot right in the downtown area, but the theme of the restaurant is very vintage. Ornate leather seats, velvet curtains and old-school carriages line the beautifully tiled floor, providing a very unique experience. Dipping top quality hot pot ingredients into the spiciest of the spiciest hot pot broths while sitting next to an old record player and chest of drawers is surprisingly fun.

Best Western Restaurant

Wang Steak 王品牛排

Spoonhunt ID: 526142

Address: Floor 5, Yingli International Shopping Center (Chongqing Liberation Monument Branch), 26 Min Quan Lu, JieFangBei ShangQuan, Yuzhong

Price Per Person: 346 RMB

Wang Steak is a popular steak chain scattered throughout China. Best known for their high quality beef (a rare find in China), world class chefs and their ability to cook your steak to your satisfaction, this restaurant is a must visit anytime you see it. While the price is a little high, especially in China, you pay for what you get. You will certainly not be disappointed in splurging for some of the best steak in China.

Best Cafe

BG Cafe BG野兽花园咖啡

Spoonhunt ID: 533506

Address: World Financial Center 1-110 Outside the Main Entrance, Near Everbright Bank

Price Per Person: 55 RMB

Need a coffee break while walking in downtown? Definitely check out BG Cafe in the World Financial Center Building. The walls are lined with ivy and the modern furniture, hand-crafted lattes and quiet areas are perfect for reading, studying and relaxing.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Crane and Turtle Restaurant 鹤龟料理店

Spoonhunt ID: 527765

Address: 2 Shidaitian Street, Office Building 13-24, Yuzhong District

Price Per Person: 72 RMB

If you are craving good Japanese cuisine and sushi, you must check out Crane and Turtle. The service is impeccable and the sushi is to die for. You absolutely have to get the salmon sashimi. The salmon is cut thick, as it should be, and is coupled with the restaurant's homemade wasabi sauce. If fish isn't your thing, go for the potato salad and traditional pointed Japanese dumplings.

Best Dim Sum Restaurant

Royalty Sketch 朕之味

Spoonhunt ID: 533507

Address: 100 Zourong Lu, Liberation Monument Chongqing Times Plaza 6th Floor

Price Per Person: 71 RMB

While you wouldn't think good dim sum exists in Chongqing, it does at Royalty Sketch. Located right in the center of the city on the sixth floor overlooking the infamous Liberation Monument, this Cantonese restaurant serves up amazing congee porridge of all kinds. You can also order a lot of their delicious snacks like chive egg pancakes or eggplant. Don't forget to finish your meal with a classic dim sum dessert like pineapple bun or egg tart.

Porcelain Village (Ciqikou Old Town) 磁器口古镇

Best Local Chongqing Restaurant

Shunfeng 123 顺风123

Spoonhunt ID: 529085

Address: 29 Xiaoxin Street, Kaide Plaza 5th Floor, Shapingba District

Price Per Person: 72 RMB

Just a short trip from the Porcelain Village is Three Gorges Square where tons of shopping, businesses and restaurants are located. Shunfeng is a renowned name for authentic Sichuan cuisine. It can get crowded because it is pretty popular, but this is a fantastic place to get classic dishes like Mapo Tofu, Boiled Fish and other spicy dishes. It's not too expensive and is a great location for family dinners.

Best Western Restaurant

She Like Pizza 喜来披萨

Spoonhunt ID: 529080

Address: 6 Pedestrian Street, Huanghua New Age Building 1, #16-12

Price Per Person: 49 RMB

While there are a lot of Italian choices in the Three Gorges Plaza, nothing beats the pizza at She Like Pizza. What this restaurant lacks in size and flash it makes up for in cheesiness of pizza and attention to detail. For a great deal, you can get delicious personal pizzas, pasta, or risotto. Take a break from big time restaurants to try this small restaurant for a familiar taste.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Little Swan Hot Pot 小天鹅火锅

Spoonhunt ID: 529091

Address: 29 Xiaolongkan Street, 5th Floor of the Cade Building

Price Per Person: 86 RMB

Highly revered by locals in a city that is known for its hot pot is a big deal. Little Swan Hot Pot has the feel of a big chain hot pot restaurant with the high quality of a fancy place. Their broths are spiced to your liking, the thinly sliced beef is perfectly rolled on a serving plate and their sauces station leaves nothing out. You can stay safe with normal hot pot ingredients or be adventurous with duck's blood, liver and tripe.

Best Cafe

Appreciate Time Book Bar 感悟时光书吧

Spoonhunt ID: 529162

Address: 49 Wangfujing pedestrian street, 5th Floor, Shapingba District

Price Per Person: 17 RMB

Probably the most cozy place in the city, the Appreciate Time Book Bar is the perfect place to get away from reality, read books and drink coffee or tea at a well-lit booth or table. The coffee is relatively cheap and all the walls are lined with shelves and books. Take time out of your busy day to "appreciate time" and relax at this book bar.

Best Chinese Food / Teahouse

Green Tea Restaurant 绿茶餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 529079

Address: 6th Floor of Wangfujin Pedestrian Street Mall, Three Gorges Plaza

Price Per Person: 63 RMB

A great restaurant for all kinds of Chinese food, from Sichuan style to Dim Sum, the Green Tea Restaurant provides you with tons of options to escape the spiciness of Chongqing cuisine. It is hugely popular among locals for it's non-greasy, light and satisfying food. It's cheap and great, why argue with it?

Best Dessert Place

Hong Kong Litte Sweets Dessert 香港小唐唐甜品

Spoonhunt ID: 529096

Address: Three Gorges Plaza, 1 Tianchen Lu, Xuande Shopping Mall B1

Price Per Person: 26 RMB

Looking for Chinese dessert to sweeten your day? Look no further. Hong Kong has some of the best cold desserts for your hot day and spicy food in Chongqing at Hong Kong Little Sweets Desserts. You can get shaved ice, coconut rice with mango, caramel pudding and tons of others.

Chongqing Zoo 重庆动物园

Best Local Chongqing Restaurant

Mushroom Private Restaurant 蘑菇私家小馆

Spoonhunt ID: 531317

Address: 48 Zhujianglu Road, Longhu West Street Block B room 12-12

Price Per Person: 65 RMB

This quaint private kitchen restaurant has some amazing local Chongqing and Sichuan food to go along with their traditionally decorated walls. Their food, which utilizes a lot of seafood like shrimp and fish, is not only delicious but also beautifully presented gives you a real culinary experience. After visiting the Chongqing zoo, this is the perfect place to stop for dinner on the way back.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Luxi Beef Hot Pot 鲁西肥牛

Spoonhunt ID: 531286

Address: 3 West Jiao Road Building Dayang Department Store 4th Floor, Jiulongpo District

Price Per Person: 56 RMB

Luxi Beef Hot Pot features a single hot pot, different from the split hot pot you typically see, so it's important to pick a broth that everyone will like or get multiple pots. You can go for the traditional, crazy spicy Sichuan pepper broth or dial it down to a clear, plain broth. As the name implies, their signature ingredient is thinly sliced beef that cooks quickly and melts in your mouth.

Best Western Restaurant

Aliado Coffee Restaurant 阿利与艾德咖啡西餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 531277

Address: 48 Zhu Jiang Lu, Xichengtian Street Shopping Mall 1st Floor

Price Per Person: 56 RMB

One of the most popular Western Restaurants in the area is Aliado Coffee. They aren't just your run of the mill cafe. They serve Chinese food, Western food and a fusion of the two as well. You can get pizza, mapo tofu, pasta and rice. They have something for everyone.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Letu BBQ Buffet 乐途自助烤吧

Spoonhunt ID: 531279

Address: 26 Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street, Century Bin Xin City 3rd Floor

Price Per Person: 50

If you're craving barbecued meat and vegetables look no further. Letu BBQ Buffet allows you to pick out your own skewers and hand them to the chef for preparation. Everyone can get exactly what they want, as much as they want and leave happy.

Best of the Rest

Best Local Chongqing Restaurant

Memory Tongue 舌尖记忆

Spoonhunt ID: 525788

Address: Liberation Monument Wusi Road, WFC Center 5th Floor, Yuzhong District

Price Per Person: 50 RMB

Probably the most popular Chongqing/Sichuan cuisine restaurant for locals in the city, Memory Tongue does the classically spicy food really well. You have to get their giant pastry ball, spicy chicken feet and numbing fish. It's not just spicy and numbing, its also tasty.

Best Western Restaurant

Peter's Tex Mex Grill 彼德西餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 2676895

Address: Room 18-1, Floor 3, Cai Fu Gou Wu Zhong Xin, 1 Hong Hu Dong Lu

Price Per Person: 81 RMB

Bringing the true Southern American feeling to the restaurant, Peter's Tex Mex Grill serves up delicious comfort food like tacos, steak, pasta, pizza, chips and guac, and pretty much any other Mexican food you can think of. If you're tired of the Chongqing spice and need a different kind of tingling sensation for your tongue, try this place.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Blue Dragon Hot Pot 沧龙火锅

Spoonhunt ID: 525860

Address: 21 Cangbai Road, Building 1, Yuzhong District

Price Per Person: 51 RMB

Blue Dragon Hot Pot is a huge hot pot restaurant located right in the downtown area of Chongqing. Immensely popular among locals, this restaurant is known for its spicy broth. You can either do two broths or split one broth into 9 sections to cook different ingredients, such as tripe, beef, lettuce, bamboo and mushrooms.

Best Chinese Restaurant

Tocs Restaurant 到长沙湘菜馆

Spoonhunt ID: 1352642

Address: 582 Wanxiangcheng Road, Building 5, Xiejiawan Rail Station

Price Per Person: 65 RMB

If you want some non-Chongqing Chinese food, check out Tocs for some Hunanese food. Saucy vegetables, dry pot roasted cauliflower and braised meat are all Hunan classic dishes you can grab to relieve your numb taste buds and stomach. Although admittedly, their fish head is pretty spicy, but a different kind of spicy from Chongqing hot pot.

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