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Visiting Beijing? Here is Your Go-To Guide for Food

Eat at the best Beijing restaurants with our handy dining guide. Experience all of the food Beijing has to offer with Spoonhunt.

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Beijing, the capital of China, is a great location to get an authentic cultural experience in China, and for good reason: the city is over 3000 years old. There are so many amazing sites to see in Beijing, like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace.

No matter where you go exploring in Beijing, or China for that matter, Spoonhunt has great dining options for you to check out nearby. Here are some of our favorites near the hot spots in Beijing.

To find the English menus for any of these restaurants in Beijing, search the Spoonhunt Shop ID in the Spoonhunt APP!

Forbidden City/Tiananmen Square 天安门/故宫

Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, best restaurants nearby for visiting and travelling to Beijing

Best Beijing Duck Restaurant Restaurant

Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck 四季民福烤鸭 in Beijing Near Forbidden City. Find on Spoonhunt

Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck 四季民福烤鸭

Spoonhunt ID: 8324942​

Address: 11 South Pond Road, Doncheng district 东城区 南池子大街11号(故宫)故宫东门旁(故宫)

Price Per Person: 175 RMB

If you’re in Beijing, you pretty much have to try the authentic Roast Duck. This Beijing Duck place is just outside the east walls of the Forbidden City. No part of the bird should be spared. The skin is crispy and sweet and the meat is tender and juicy. Duck is a pretty pricy dish, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Best Chinese Restaurant

Little Yunnan 小云南 in Beijing. Best Chinese restaurant near Forbidden City Tiananmen Square.

Little Yunnan 小云南

Spoonhunt ID: 1290253​

Address: 28 East Huangcheng Genbei Street, Dongcheng Distrcit 东城区东黄城根北街28号

Price per Person: 70 RMB

This rustic little Yunnan restaurant is known for its friendly staff, cute courtyard and authentic spicy Yunnan food. The local favorites include Mint Beef, Spicy Crayfish, Pineapple Rice and Yunnan Fried Cheese.

Best Hot Pot

Man Fu Lou Restaurant 满福楼大酒楼 best hot pot near Forbidden City. Find on Spoonhunt.

Man Fu Lou Restaurant 满福楼大酒楼

Spoonhunt ID: 1290379

Address: 38 Di’An Men Street, Dongcheng District 东城区地安门内大街38号

Price per Person: 100 RMB

Unlike the spicy Chongqing Hot Pot, Beijing is known for its non-spicy, clear broth Mongolian Hot Pot. Man Fu Lou is a great and inexpensive option around the Forbidden City to get your Lamb Hot Pot fill. At Man Fu Lou, everyone gets their own small pot and dipping sauces.

Best Cafe

Best Cafe in Beijing Near Tiananmen Square Forbidden City is Esquires Coffee. Find it on Spoonhunt.

Esquires Coffee

Spoonhunt ID: 420768​

Address: 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District 东城区 东长安街1号

Price per Person: 40 RMB

This modern cafe just a few blocks east of the main gate to the Forbidden City is a great place to sit and drink some coffee. With a few leather couches and chair and a lot of intimate tables, this coffee shop is perfect to take a load off and rest your feet.

Best Western Restaurant

Best Western Restaurant in Beijing TRB Bites near Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.

TRB Bites

Spoonhunt ID: 8324944​

Address: 95 Donghuamen Rad, Dongcheng Distrcit 东城区 东华门大街95号

Price Per Person: 150 RMB

This European restaurant has an absolutely prime location close to the moat of the Forbidden City. They have tons of options from fish and lobster to steaks, soups and salads. If you need a break from Chinese food, this is a must visit.

Sanlitun 三里屯

Sanlitun 三里屯儿 in Beijing. Find the best restaurants nearby with Spoonhunt.

Best Beijing Duck Restaurant

Jing Yaa Tang 京鸭堂 Best Beijing Duck Restaurant in Sanlitun 三里屯 on Spoonhunt.

Jing Yaa Tang 京鸭堂

Spoonhunt ID: 2041262​

Address: 19 Sanlitun Rd, Sanlitun Village 1st floor, Chaoyang District 朝阳区三里屯路19号三里屯Village-1层(瑜舍酒店内)

Price Per Person: 200 RMB

Located in the basement of Opposite House, this is a local favorite for Beijing Duck cooked over wood and dim sum. The mellow ambience, dim lighting and good service makes Jing Yaa Tang a great spot for those visiting the expat favorite Sanlintun neighborhood.

Best Chinese Restaurant

Tandao Hong Kong Tea Restaurant 檀岛香港茶餐厅 best Dim Sum restaurant in Beijing's Sanlitun

Tandao Hong Kong Tea Restaurant 檀岛香港茶餐厅

Spoonhunt ID: 8324945​

Address: Sanlitun next to Jingkelong Supermarket, Chaoyang District 朝阳区三里屯京客隆超市旁

Price Per Person: 70 RMB

Located just north of the Beijing Workers Stadium, this Hong Kong style tea house is great for wontons, dim sum and dessert. Highly rated by the local for its flavor and modern style, this restaurant is great for groups to try a bunch of different dishes.

Best Hot Pot

Best Hot Pot in Sanlitun Yangjia Hot Pot 杨家火锅 on Spoonhunt in Beijing

Yangjia Hot Pot 杨家火锅

Spoonhunt ID: 442774​

Address: Chunxiu Rd Xinfu 2nd Li, Next to Hero’s Buidling, Chaoyang District 朝阳区 春秀路幸福二里(杰座大厦旁)

Price Per Person: 125 RMB

Serving the well-known and popular spicy Chongqing hot pot, this restaurant is well known with the locals for it’s flavorful chili broth. The clean restaurant and fresh ingredients make it a very enjoyable dining experience. Many Chinese celebrities have visited this location.

Best Western Restaurant

Best Pizza in Sanlintun Scott's Family Ristorante Italiano on Spoonhunt.

Scott’s Family Ristorante Italiano 意大利家庭料理

Spoonhunt ID: 8324946​

Address: 4 East 3rd Street, Next to New Zealand Consolate, Chaoyang District 朝阳区 三里屯东三街4号(新西兰使馆对面)

Price Per Person: 80 RMB

This quaint little Italian restaurant is little known on travel sites but very raved about by locals. If you are visiting the neighborhood and want pizza, wine and other classic Italian dishes, Scott’s Family Ristorante Italiano is a perfect option.

Best Cafe

PCF Pasta Coffee Fresh in Beijing, best cafe on Spoonhunt near Sanlitun.

PCF-Pasta Coffee Fresh

Spoonhunt ID: 2041377​

Address: 10 Xindong Rd, Yisheng Pavilion Building B Room 112, Chaoyang District 朝阳区 新东路10号逸盛阁B座112室

Price Per Person: 100 RMB

This quiet little cafe in Sanlitun doesn’t just have amazing coffee but also good pasta and desserts. This is a great place to hang out, read a book, do some work or relax.

Summer Palace

Travel to Summer Palace in Beijing and find the best restaurants nearby with Spoonhunt.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Best Barbecue Restaurant near the Summer Palace in Beijing is Muzha BBQ Restaurant 木栅烤 on Spoonhunt.

Muzha Barbecue Restaurant 木栅烤涮馆

Spoonhunt ID: 426769​

Address: Dayou Manor Community Entrance, Haiding District 海淀区 大有庄社区门口(中央党校东侧)

Price Per Person: 57 RMB

Just northeast of the Summer Palace, this little Chinese barbecue spot has great outdoor seating for the warmer months. They have skewers of pretty much any meat or vegetables you could want.

Best Western Restaurant

Best Western Restaurants near Summer Palace in Beijing is Tube Station Pizza 站点披萨

Tube Station Pizza 站点披萨

Spoonhunt ID: 1289114​

Address: Fuyuan Exit 1 400 meters north of Beijing University Entrance, Haiding District 海淀区 福缘门1号(从北大西门往北走400米,在路口的西北角)

Price per Person: 75 RMB

A quick stop for western food, like pizza, french fries and chicken wings, Tube Station Pizza is a great place to grab a bite to eat after visiting the Summer Palace. The pizza is revered as being authentically American, one of the best in Beijing.

Best Seafood Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurant near Summer Palace Beijing Xiaodiao Litang 小吊梨汤

Xiaodiao Litang 小吊梨汤

Spoonhunt ID: 1289252

Address: 8 Summer Palace Road, Free Spring Food Street A20A, Haiding District 海淀区 颐和园路8号 畅春园美食街A20A号

Price Per Person: 78

A little bit east of the Summer Palace, you can find this super popular Chinese seafood restaurant. Even the restaurant’s sign has actual fish swimming in it. Popular dishes include the pear balls with shrimp, spicy fried chicken and cheese shaped like a carp.

Best Chinese Restaurant

Shiyangzhai 食养斋·颐小馆

Spoonhunt ID: 8324947​

Address: 33 Summer Palace 3 way intersection, Haiding District 海淀区 颐和园路三岔口33号会心阁(地铁北宫门站A口,会心阁院内)

Price Per Person: 125 RMB

Just outside the beautiful Summer Palace sits this traditionally-styled Jiangsu restaurant. Being far from the center of Beijing means there will be less options, but Shiyangzhai is a gem. Here you can find cute dumplings made to look like animals, fish, soup and noodles all presented with care.

Chain Restaurants

Best Chain restaurants in Beijing

Best Duck Chain Restaurant

Best Duck Chain Restaurant in China Da Dong Roast Duck 大董烤鸭店 and Quan Ju De 全聚德

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant 大董烤鸭店 and Quan Ju De Roast Duck 全聚德烤鸭

Locations: All over the city, use Spoonhunt to find the one closest to you

Price Per Person: 100–250 RMB

In Beijing, there are two major Roast Duck chain restaurants battling for top spot. They are neck and neck in competition, but you can be sure their quality, service and taste will fulfill your expectations. Da Dong tends to be a little bit more expensive, but still mouth-wateringly amazing.

Best Cafe Chain

Wagas in Beijing on Spoonhunt. Travel China.


Locations: 5 around the city, use Spoonhunt to find the one closest to you

Price Per Person: 75 RMB

Started in Shanghai, this Western Cafe chain has made its way to Beijing. Here you can get a nice cup of coffee, some pastries, a sandwich and dessert. It’s very popular with expats and locals alike.

Best Hot Pot Chain Restaurant

Best Hot Pot Chain in Beijing is Haidilao 海底捞 which you can find on Spoonhunt while travelling China.

Haidilao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅

Locations: Over 20 in Beijing, use Spoonhunt to find the one closest to you

Price Per Person: 100 RMB

Probably the most famous Hot Pot restaurant chain in the world, Haidilao is known for its impeccable service. While most locations are very crowded every night, each has a nice waiting area where you can play games, get your shoes shined and your nails done while you wait for you table. Oh, and the food is all high quality.

Spoonhunt is your ultimate tool and service for finding restaurants, seeing English menus with pictures and ordering food all over China. We are dedicated to making all of China’s cuisine, from popular Western restaurants to the most local Chinese restaurants accessible to everyone. Follow us at Wechat ID: Spoonhunt or scan the QR code below to get started!

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