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Coolest Teahouses in Wuhan

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Tea has been a part of China's history for over 5000 years, so it makes sense that China is home to some of the coolest teahouses in the world. In our new food discovery series, we will be showing you the tea shops you must check out in the biggest cities in China. This week: Wuhan's Coolest Teahouses.

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Wujia Garden 吴家花园

Spoonhunt ID: 552092

Address: 124 Nanjing Lu (near Jinghan Da Dao), Hankou, Jiang'an District

Average Price: 42 RMB

The former residence of a famous northern army general, Wujia Garden is known for its tasteful décor, relaxing atmosphere, free wifi, and upstairs open-air seating, perfect for stargazing. Wujia is one of the fanciest teahouses in Wuhan.

Bashan Yeyu Teahouse 巴山夜雨老茶馆

Spoonhunt ID: 554866

Address: 737 Xin Minzhu Lu, Wuchang, Wuchang District

Average Price: 87 RMB

Bashan Yeyu Teahouse is divided into five floors each with a theme revolving around a different aspect of traditional Chinese culture. First floor is a gallery of exquisite teapots, cups, and tables; the second floor is a laid-back dining area; the third floor is for banquets, theater, and tea ceremonies; the fourth floor is kitchen-themed with all manner of traditional Chinese cooking on the menu. And finally, the fifth floor is scholar-themed with traditional Chinese music, chess and landscape paintings.

Rudao Teahouse 儒道茶庄

Spoonhunt ID: 4405527

Address: Bldg 56 Door 1 (diagonally across from Jinma furniture store), Xudong Community, Youyi Da Dao, Wuchang District

Average Price: 300 RMB

Rudao Teahouse on resplendent East Lake is a seriously classy joint. First, there are only five tables. Second, for the privilege of sitting at one of them, you've got to choose one of the teas worth 300 RMB or more per unit (两).

Tian Yiju Teahouse 天一居

Spoonhunt ID: 1393653

Address: 8 Xi Bei Hu Road, Downstairs from the Marriot Hotel, Jianghan District

Average: 73 RMB

Don't be fooled by the clothing store on the first floor, Tian Yiju is up on the second floor and is sure to give you an authentic Wuhan tea experience. With 5-6 private rooms all with views of the lake, you can do tea tasting as well as order cold dishes, stews and tofu.

Waku Tea Club 16 瓦库茶会所16号

Spoonhunt ID: 1393399

Address: 599 Xinhua Lu, Big Wuhan 1911D, 3rd Floor

Average Price: 75 RMB

Waku is a trendy tea brand popping up all over China that has become fairly popular with locals for their modern twist on a traditional experience. A more relaxing environment perfect for business or hanging out with friends.

Long King Club 龙锦会馆

Spoonhunt ID: 556316

Address: B117, No. 308 Garden Road, Qingnian Road, Jianghan District

Average Price: 40 RMB

Somewhat hidden near the Xibei Lake, Long King Club plays on the traditional decor and tea culture to draw in customers. You may even run into the famous club cat.

To find any of these teahouses when in Wuhan, search Spoonhunt by their name or ID.

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