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Coolest Teahouses in Hangzhou

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Tea has been a part of China’s history for over 5000 years, so it makes sense that China is home to some of the coolest teahouses in the world. In our new food discovery series, we will be showing you the tea shops you must check out in the biggest cities in China. This week: Hangzhou’s Coolest Teahouses.

Also, you can now search Spoonhunt by Shop IDs to make things easier. To find these Teahouses on Spoonhunt, search by name or ID!

Qingteng Teahouse 青藤茶馆

Spoonhunt ID: 1300208

Address: 2F, Yuanhua Plaza, №278, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

Average Price: 82 RMB

Qingteng Teahouse is one of the earliest teahouses in Hangzhou, founded in 1990s. It is stood aside of The 1st Park of West Lake and is renowned for its tea philosophy: tea variety, quality and tea-making skills, as well as its artistic and relaxing atmosphere.

Xinyuan Teahouse 心源茶楼

Spoonhunt ID: 1301242

Address: 2F, Santang Zhuyuan, №34–36, Xiangjisi Road, Gongshu District (and other locations around the city)

Average Price: 74 RMB

It is an old teahouse in Hangzhou, it offer abundant buffet food, such as sunflower seeds, pine nut, raisin, fried chicken wings, lamb shashlik, fried dumplings, kiwi fruite, dragon fruite, rambutan, etc. Many people come here play cards or have tea. You’d better reserve the box room before hand.

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse 湖畔居茶楼

Spoonhunt ID: 1299709

Address: №1, West Huancheng Road, Xihu District (opposite the Lakeview Hotel)

Average Price: 182 RMB

This teahouse is located by the side of West Lake, you can have a whole sight view of the lake by sitting near the window. The beautiful scenery made the teahouse the best place to spend your leisure time. The teahouse has two shops, both are by the side of West Lake, and they have open-air seats for customers to enjoy the picturesque lake.

Wen Ying Ge Teahouse 闻莺阁

Spoonhunt ID: 1300370

Address: 3 Liu Lang Wen Ying Park, Qing Bo Men, Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District

Average Price: 77 RMB

Located inside the Liu Lang Wen Ying Park, this tea house has a perfect position to see West Lake at the near sight and Lei Feng Tower at the far sight. You can eat the snacks, fruits freely if you ordered a tea here.

Zi Yi Ge Teahouse 紫艺阁茶坊

Spoonhunt ID: 1299824

Address: 172 Shu Guang Lu, 1st Floor, Xihu District

Average Price: 100 RMB

This teahouse is famous for its fresh fruite, it is decoreted in traditional Chinese style. Like most teahouses, they present customers free snacks and fruits when ordering teas.

Taotaoju Teahouse 陶陶居清茶馆

Spoonhunt ID: 8324993

Address: 248–250 Hupao Lu Siyan Jing (near Nanyu Shanzhuang), Xihu District

Average Price: 138 RMB

Taotaoju is a well-recognized name when it comes to Chinese teahouses, and this location doesn’t disappoint. Located very close to the Hangzhou Zoo, Taotaoju offers close to 60 different varieties of tea for the discerning palate, and the water is fresh spring water, carried down from the mountain daily.

To find any of these teahouses when in Hangzhou, search Spoonhunt by their name or ID.

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