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Coolest Teahouses in Beijing

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Tea has been a part of China's history for over 5000 years, so it makes sense that China is home to some of the coolest teahouses in the world. In our new food discovery series, we will be showing you the tea shops you must check out in the biggest cities in China. This week: Beijing's Coolest Teahouses.

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Lao She Teahouse 老舍茶馆

Spoonhunt ID: 424731

Address: 3 West Street, Zhengyang City Center, Xicheng District

Average Price: 95 RMB

Lao She Teahouse is named after a famous Chinese writer, Laoshe, and his drama (Teahouse). It is decorated in an elegant yet unsophisticated style, which takes the customers back to the old Beijing of the 1930s, and has daily opera and tea performances.

Ming Hui Teahouse 明慧茶院

Spoonhunt ID: 2070861

Address: Dajue Temple, Beianhe, Sujiatuo Township, Haidian District

Average Price: 130 RMB

Dajue Temple has towering pines, cypresses and beautiful yulan flowers are planted beside ancient shrines, ruined tablets as well as an all-year-round gurgling stream from a fountain. Not only can you taste the high-quality tea, but you can feel the profound history either in the tea room or in the courtyard.

Bi Lu Xuan Teahouse 碧露轩茶艺馆

Spoonhunt ID: 2045292

Address: 1F, Buidling R, Huiyuan Apartment, Asian Games Village

Average Price: 170 RMB

Bi Lu Xuan Teahouse is decorated in Suzhou garden style. With comfortable environment and perfect location, the tea house has become an ideal place for business talks. There are a few private rooms in the teahouse.

Han Ruo Ju 瀚若居茶馆

Spoonhunt ID: 2070150

Address: East Gate of Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden, Haidian District

Average Price: 83 RMB

It's for people who wants to find a moment of respite, to be in the company of fish, birds, grapes and willows. It's a tea house in a Siheyuan in the old summer palace with books and tranquility.

Lu Yu Xuan Teahouse 露雨轩茶楼

Spoonhunt ID: 443731

Address: 2 Taiping Village Road, Haidian District

Average Price: 200 RMB

This place is separated into two floors, one for casual tea drinking and the other for business. This teahouse promotes Buddhist culture and "Zen Tea" practice.

Shi Yi Qu 拾一区

Spoonhunt ID: 431762

Address: 2 Heping Xi Road, Area 11, Building 37 Floor 2

Average Price: 62 RMB

This is a great teahouse if you like reading, especially poetry. The tea club will teach you how to steep tea properly and can seat up to 50 people.

Tianqiaole Teahouse 天桥乐茶园

Spoonhunt ID: 2088249

Address: 1 Beiwei Road, Xuanwu District

Average Price: 107 RMB

With an area of 1300 square meters, the teahouse can hold 200 guests and audience at a same time. Here you can enjoy interesting performances including Beijing Opera, acrobatics, wresting, martial arts and folk art showing everyday.

Zhangyiyuan Tianqiao Teahouse 张一元天桥茶楼

Spoonhunt ID: 2088241

Address: 18 Wanming Lu, Xicheng District (just facing the Oriental Hotel)

Average Price: 108 RMB

Zhangyiyuan Tianqiao Teahouse is also a good place for leisure, drinking tea and experiencing the unique Beijing tea culture. Authentic Beijing folk performances include storytelling, opera, acrobatics, and comic dialogue. Besides, tourists can also buy various local souvenirs here.

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